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Centurion Clod Buster

Here are the specs of my truck as it sits now...

  • Thunder Tech Racing Centurion LTD Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Team Associated MAXX Shocks
  • Duratrax Diamond-Z Spike Tires (discontinued)
  • Bru-Line Chome Wheels (discontinued)
  • Brue-Line Wheel widenrs (discontinued)
  • BigBallBearings Teflon Clod Bearing Kit

This Centurion chassis is a LTD version of only 50 made.  Its made of carbon fiber.  With exception to the tires, this thing has never been used.  Currently its a shelf queen.

In the future I plan on getting rid of the Bru-Line wheel combo (I hate how it looks) and replacing the tires with a brand new set from Imex.  I may make this ready to run, but I really do not want to drive it!