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This ESP Clodzilla 4 was traded for.  I sent a RC 10 GT for this.  When I got it, many parts needed to be replaced, it had an Novak ESC that was sold in 1990, motors were un-identifiable, bushings in the gear box's, most rod ends shot.  I was not very happy at all.  But I finally got it all fixed up and running.  I loved this truck!   I traded it for a T-maxx that I never drove!

This R/C had:
  1. ESP Clodzilla 4 Pro full race kit
  2. Parma Chevy Monster Truck Body
  3. Duratrax Diamond-Z Spike Tires
  4. Killer Bee 16x3 Modified motors
  5. Novak Super Rooster Reversible ESC
  6. FMA Direct S355 Servo
  7. FMA Direct 209f Y Servo Block (will be replaced with a servo extension)
  8. Team Associated Factory Team Shock Set
  9. Parma Body Mounts (what I had laying around,  but are a little too short)
  10. Parma Hot Wrap Antenna
  11. RC Boyz Bearing Set
  12. No Fear Decals
  13. CRP Wheels
  14. Kyosho Hot Pink Receiver cover
  15. Team Orion 14 gauge wire
  16. Futaba Radio gear
  17. Chevy Decals
  18. Custom made rear steering lockout
  19. Duratrax PowerPole Connectors