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M.A.N.E Eclipse

I paid $30.00 for this kit on eBay. 

Test #1:

Test #1 was very poor.  The car kept spinning out due to a loose diff.  It also crashed into my foot at one of the high speed runs and broke a nylon screw and pulled an aluminum screw through the chassis.  Nylon screw was replaced with steel.  Also a wire melted off due to extreme use.   I have also come to find that the rear axles do not rotate smoothly.  They are binding due to design.   I was planning on buying draggster tires for this project, but I may not use them on here.  I plan on one other test run before scrapping or shelving the car.

This car has:

  • Custom Micro switch throttle control.  Instant on, and brakes
  • Futaba Radio gear
  • Custom built 10 cell 3300 ni-mh battery pack
  • Team Orion Cooper Battery Bars
  • Team Orion 14 gauge wire
  • Team Orion Gold Battery Connectors
  • Team Orion 13 turn Rush motor
  • Parma tires

M.A.N.E. is no longer in business, but I was told that these cars were good dirt oval racers.