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 Project Venom

  I received this truck off the B/S/T Forum On ClodTalk.com. 
  Unfortunately it sat for a good while.  I ordered some replacement
  parts for it and disassembled it so that I can get it anodized.

  In June of 2008 it went out to get anodized.  We ended up running
  into problems because it had a clear coat lacquer on it.  Sent it out
  to get media blasted and tumbled.  The results were not perfect,
  but it is all black now. 

  Currently it is assembled but I am awaiting some parts.  I do not like
  the original lower link mounts bumpers.
  This is how it currently sits.

Parts on this truck
  • Duratrax Diamond-Spike Tires (Discontinued)
  • Team Orion Method-R 16x2 Motors
  • Team Orion 14 gauge wire
  • Team-Orion Sludge Shock Oil
  • Team Orion Locking Body Clips
  • BRP Antenna Whip