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XTM X-Factor

I saw the X-factor in a spy shot in R/C Car Action and I thought I had to have one!  As soon as they allowed you to pre-order, I did.  I have one of the first X-Factor trucks made.  And thats where my joy has ended.   When I first got it, it ripped itself apart on the second run.  It sat for a year and I fixed it back up.  I've had nothing but problems with it and have replaced most of the parts the company has changed on the new kits.  

My personal changes have been swapping the shocks with the cantilever supports to make it a straight axle truck.  This has given it much more stability for driving.  I also repositioned the upper links to the old four-link style found on Clods a few years ago.  I have also changed tuned pipes.

I am not very satisfied with my X-factor.  It seems to break something new every day.  And I haven't even been able to beet on it yet.