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Xpress Mini Car

I won this on eBay for only $27.00.  It needs some work and some parts before it can get running.
When I got it, first thing I did is clean it and replace any worn or broke parts that I had laying around.

Then it sat for some time just collecting dust.  Eventually I contacted Xpress who is actually still around and ordered a ton of replacement parts!  It has new belts, tires & wheels (three sets) new shocks, battery mounts, and almost everything else it needed.

Unfortunately while putting it together I noticed a dog bone bent and don't actually have any spares at this time.  So more parts to be ordered.

This R/C has:

  • Xpress GTO Front and Rear shock towers (much thicker)
  • Xpress Hi-speed steel shaft set
  • Team Orion Revolution 13x2 motor
  • Futaba Steering Servo
  • Futaba MC330CR ESC
  • Team Orion Gold connectors
  • HPI Mini Dish Wheels
  • HPI X-Pattern Radial Belted Tires
  • North Craft Wheels
  • Xpress Tires
  • ABC Hobby Honda Body