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ClodZilla 2 #2

  I traded for this ClodZilla 2 chassis the way you see it here from
  One Eye Dog on ClodTalk.com.

  I wasn't sure what to do with it at first.  My original idea was to
  lower the chassis and make it shorter and give it a really short
  wheelbase.  Unfortunately the wheelbase I wanted was way too

I emailed ESP and found that they could create shorter side tubes for my Z2.  The gap from the bottom of the chassis rail to the top of the side tube is much smaller. It went from ~ 2 5/8" to ~ 2 1/16". So it has a lower stance now. Everything fit well.   Also at this time I added the Z4 battery mounts.

Haven't fully decided what to do for suspension yet.  I'm thinking of trying something weird and different.   After my Gecko Project I'm liking the original style look.  This one will not be using savage shocks.

Parts on this truck